House of Fermentology

House of Fermentology Purple Dot 2022 (Bottles)


A brand new House of Fermentology release.

5.2% oak aged Wild Ale aged on blackberries and blackcurrants. 

For its third ever release, Purple Dot 2022 was brewed back in 2019 with pilsen malts from Vermont Malthouse and Valley Malt, as well as raw wheat from Nitty Gritty Grain & NEK Grains. When it was time, Todd selected and blended four exceptional barrels to blend into a conditioning tank atop blackcurrants and local Ouachita blackberries from Fisher Brothers Farm. After extended aging with fruit, Purple Dot was bottled in early 2022 with raw VT wildflower honey. Properly conditioned and ready to share, Purple Dot 2022 exhibits deep flavors of tart mixed berry jam that beautifully compliment the transition to cooler and darker nights.

500ml bottles


Limited to 3 bottles per person.
Online purchases will be available for pickup immediately upon release and until December 12th. After December 12th, any online order that have not been picked up will be forfeit without refund. Proxies pickups are allowed.