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Digital vs Analog (4-pack Direct Ship)


Digital vs. Analog. Formerly an illusive favorite among our draft offerings, now available in cans.

At 9% ABV, this behemoth of a Double IPA is dry-hopped solely with Nelson hops from New Zealand, creating a fusion of chewy mango, fruit punch, and dank resinous notes on the palate. The finish brings bright flavors of white grape that linger delightfully.

We’re incredibly grateful to the illustrious @charlieliketheriver for his experimental blend of digital and analog visuals. Charlie is master of the mural and other painted surfaces, and his horizons continue to grow as his career expands in NYC and beyond. A longtime friend of the brewery, Charlie’s art has graced cans like Like Clockwork and The Fruit That Ate Itsel

$18 / 4-pack of 16oz cans


+ $0.05 recycling deposit per can