Natual Hack

Natural Hack: A Visit To Me (Wild Blueberry Wine 750ml Bottle)


A single varietal sparkling wine made with only organic wild Maine blueberries. In the fall of 2021 wild organic blueberries from Burke Hill Farm were crushed and fermented in oak with our house mixed culture. Following a long cold fermentation the berries were pressed and the wine was barreled up in fresh toasted oak to age for the next 6-months. Enjoy at room temperature or slightly chilled. 6.6% Alc. By Vol.

100% Gluten Free. No Added Sulfites. May Contain Naturally Occurring Sulfites. Fermented and bottled by Natural Hack. Natural Hack is a Foam Brewers project located in the barrel cellar at Earthkeep Farmcommon in Charlotte, Vermont. We focus on native yeast and minimal to no intervention in both farming and fermentation practices. $24 / 750ml bottle.

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